1. The Daughter Of Haruz Of Jotbah?
  2. The Son Of Azaliah ?
  3. The Wife Of Shallum?
  4. Who Reigned In Stead Of Hezekiah After His Death?



  1. Son Of Amos ?
  2. Who Turned His Face To The Wall, And Prayed Unto The LORD ?
  3. How Old Was Josiah, When He Became The King Of Jerusalem ?
  4. ” I Have Found The Book Of The Law In The House Of The LORD” WHO SAID THIS TO Shaphan ,The Scribe ?
  5. Which Babylon King Sent Letters And A Present Unto Hezekiah,For He Had Heard That Hezekiah Had Been Sick ?
  6. Mother Of Manasseh ?
  7. Who Went And Returned, And Dwelt At Nineveh ?
  8. Who Was Over The Household Of King Hezekiah?


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